I'm a writer, idea generator, and thought organizer - I'm here to help you articulate what you want to say and decide how to communicate with each of your target audiences. If you're looking for someone to build a case for your program or product, to tell your story, or to change people’s minds, let's talk. 

With nine years of professional experience, I know how to craft key messaging and shape it to the needs of each project. I can fill in gaps in your organization – do you need someone who understands how to build and maintain a social media presence? I’m there. Someone who can write a traditional case study or one-pager? That’s me, too – and I have an eye for stories buried in conventional places or hiding in plain sight.


"Kate was a lifesaver. She was always able to dive in, see what was happening with the data and the story and the team, and weave it all together... But most of all, she wrote beautifully, fast, and well. Highly recommended."
-Mitchell Wade, institute3